Creation of the show and introduction of made-to-measure artistic concepts, including :


Scenario proposal, creation of an appropriate “common theme” according to the briefing.

Scenography Study:

Selection of the show’s venue, scenic constructions, scenery,…

Technical Feasibility Study:

Meetings with the various technical specialists (riggers, sound designers, light designers, video designers, specific techniques, safety)

Artists selection and creation of original acts

A catalogue of nearly 2,000 artistic performances and formations throughout the world


Making a detailed budget


Co-ordination, booking and complete logistical management of the artistic and technical teams, making the assembly, rehearsal and dismantling schedules.
(Artists, choreographers, costumes, make-up, sound / light / video suppliers, decorators, pyrotechnic experts…)

Sound Design/Creation:

Making an original sound universe for each creation


Harmonisation and optimisation of the artistic interventions

Stage Management:

Installation of a professional team for the complete management of the show. General control, set control, and so on.