He is a complex marionette, with many strings keeping him alive.
The strings enable him to move his whole body, including his eyes, nose, fingers and much more..
He is close to being alive, which makes him an unforgettable experience.


The story is based on mime and music. The marionette is a musician who is trying to perform his numbers. In the beginning, he is a serious classical pianist who is interupted by his puppetmaster. The contact with the audience is present throughtout the show. He walks through the audience improvising, shaking hands with his admirers and flirting with the ladies.

Suddenly he transforms into a rock and roll star, and he does his famous dance…
Later he shows a lot of passion, performing a flamenco number on his Spanish guitar.

His eyes are always looking for extra opportunities for clowning and comedy.
His eyes can tell who is he looking at…beware!

At the end his attention is fixed on a lady he just got attracted to… and a romance starts.
He sings a love song to a lady he has just fallen in love with..

At the end, the marionette says goodbye, and sadly he dissapears into the piano, which is his home.