Light is the source of all life form!

Let us imagine for a moment that it would be possible to sculpt it with our hands, to fashion it as a solid material.
An unprecedented technological and artistic performance with manually operated laser beams!
An explosive combination of mime, magic, martial arts and sci-fi, that should amaze all types of audience!
Four years of intensive research were necessary in order to develop that exclusive registered system!

Disneyland Paris, Sporting de Monte-Carlo, Nexia, Renault, IBM, Dassault, BMW, Gaz de France, Center Parks, Hôtel Venetian In Las Vegas – Hôtel Aladdin In Las Vegas, show « Beats of Passion »


Height of the platform: min 40 cm (optimal: 2 m.). Depends on the height of the ceiling. Min 3 m. between the stage and the ceiling.

Electric power:
Direct plug (no dimmer, no remote!), at max 5 m. from the platform. If required, black extension cable
Powerage: 16 Ampères (1320 W)

Blackout required when the performance begins – 1 person in charge of the lights in the audience if necessary – The backstage zone should be totally blacked out
The laser platform provides its own dark lights. Nevertheless, an additional supply of black lights can be advisable (black neons or UV canons).

CD-Player (playing CD/R!)

Ventilation and smoke:
Smoke-generating machines are recommended if the ventilation system at the venue does not allow to keep smoke in the air.