Aerialists duo 3


These two artists were trained at acrobatics in Berlin and Châlon. They perfectly embody the present day evolution of Modern Circus and are amongst the greatest performers in the world.
They won the silver medal at the Festival du Cirque de Demain and the prize for best artistic direction from the Cirque du Soleil.

Their acts are made-to-measure, from music to stylism. Their choreographies take us to a poetic and light-hearted world.
Harmony and virtuosity (trapeze, ropes, tissues).

DANSE VOLTIGE – Technical requirements

1) Suspension
If a fixed I-beam is available at a height between 5m and 9m, or if such a beam can be installed by the organiser, we require two anchor points of 300 kg load capacity each set 160cm apart, positioned frontally towards the audience.
The higher the suspension, the bigger the circles become and the more space we need on the floor.

2) Other requirements
Minimum of 6 x 9-10m space on the floor/ scene free space, no objects, no barriers.
The floor must be plain, even, clean, dancing floor is preferred.