Aerial module


The Company has been travelling around the world since 2001 to create occasions high in emotions, scenes from another world, moments of magic in the air.
From the classic theatre through parks and historic monuments to outdoor spaces; from international festivals to private events, all attracting a wide audience, the Company has the skills and expertise to tailor its proposition to requirements: aerial dance sequences, dancing suspended in the air, aerial modules, vertical dancing; to create a world open to the imagination, is an invitation to dream.
The Company delights in mixing genres and styles, knows how to adapt productions to the place of performance.
The Company creates choreographic shows suspended between the earth and the skies.
Space, wherever, whatever the venue, is capable of promoting dialogue and dance: squares, gardens, railway stations, factories, museums, historic monuments…

In defiance of the laws of gravity, the dancers carry us away into a poetic, entertaining world.

In working within the confines of the spaces our society has created, the Company demonstrates its expertise, its capacity to adapt, its creative sense.