About Us

It’s been many years now that Shenandoah has turned artistic dreams into reality. Established in Brussels, Shenandoah has successfully developed numerous projects both in Belgium and abroad (India, France, Germany, Russia, Switzerland…).

Creating event that meets your needs and fulfils your vision, requires a high level of artisitic experience and a keen knowledge of the technologies that produce remarkable events.

To produce, invent, master and innovate: that is our mission statement.
We believe it is important to dream, but dreaming is not enough. Therefore, Shenandoah has built a dynamic team of experiences professionals that take your vision and are willing to take the risks that take your event to beyond what seems possible… Your vision and our experience allows us to offer you the unbelievable!

Shenandoah provides a wide range of competencies for a sole purpose:

Make Your Show an Exceptional Event!