Helium ball


Using music, lighting and the location, the Heliosphere creates the illusion of flying. The impossible becomes possible.
Spiralling and spinning and seemingly weightless, an acrobat suspended beneath a helium balloon explores the uncharted space between street level and rooftops.
Two ground crew, harnessed to lines but largely unseen, control the balloon’s speed, direction and altitude. Working together, the three artists create an extraordinary aerobatic show over the heads of the audience.
On a calm day our aerial dancer can fly out of the sky, steal the sugar lumps from a café-goer’s saucer and swoop from just overhead to twenty metres in a moment. Carrying someone’s hat.
At night the Helium ball becomes a giant colour changing lantern.
First performed in 1998 and coining the name from those mysterious bubbles in space, we have currently performed in 46 countries around the world, averaging 60 shows per year.