Our World is out of tune, has lost its balance! Would She—right at the edge of doom—find ways to save Herself? And if, for how long?
The artist proves his mastery of capturing those precious moments of balance and serenity, which we all long for!

The present-day shaman starts building a giant mobile—a dream catcher, a highly fragile object—in trance-like movements, keeping each and every spectator as much in breath-taking suspense as the palm ribs it is made of.
And it works! Balance is achieved – a moment of bliss. A wondrous murmur rises in the audience, their breaths relax.

Alas! This bliss is fleeting, just like an phantasy. His goal achieved, the master steps forward to destroy it, thus telling us: Is finding, and is losing balance not our destiny, and searching with an ever new beginning?